Saturday, September 01, 2012


... but extremely pleasant opening day, on Pieter Ditmars' Dunhill sheep ranch south of town. We saw one dove. Pete shot it.

SB with Model 12 20, PD with old Orvis AyA sidelock. The food and company beat the shooting.


akilah (Mimi Drake) said...

heheheh. We(3 of us)limited out in 26 minutes and came in by 8 for a decadent breakfast which sent me back to bed. Typically a cold snap follows, they all leave (to go to NM) and we'll have nothing until duck opens. The temperature is already dropping. (This comment may never publish because I can't get past the Captcha security verification.)

akilah (Mimi Drake) said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Good to see you have made a start, and are enjoying life .

I always fell that a day out hunting, with a friend , and a dog, is always productive, game or no game !