Friday, October 19, 2012

In Tearing Haste

As Patrick Leigh Fermor would have said...

I have been insanely busy or maybe just dreadfully slow, as much or more from my mysterious endless roaming inflammatory arthritis- that- is- not- gout as anything specifically Parkinsonian (may publish a medical info- bleg on that soon). Have had the Denver trip, an Albuquerque one, the new roof, several books that I enjoyed but must also blurb and /or review, pigeons to winterize, a talk and a radio show, both in Albuquerque, to prep for, two old dogs at least one of whom may be on his last legs, wood to get in and stack, yard/ garden to put to bed... an infinity mark would feel right here.

I will name and recommend a bunch of books in a separate post, and I intend to write long reviews of them. I also must blog on Fabre and his Japanese cult, and on a non- existent French writer named "Fartre"; on a seeming injustice being done to a Central American researcher; on Reid's pending role as a paperback Indiana Jones; on the Brave New World of Hunting Foodies, starring bloggers and popular writers and a Scandinavian chef; of birds of paradise and of a few things that are just plain ridiculous-- in fact, after my book list, I think I will start with those... meanwhile, another dog pic, this one a deerhound in an inn north of London courtesy of Roseann Hanson to join the regular stars, Shiri's Tavi and Larissa and Jutta's Nhubia and Taalai (above).


Peculiar said...

Great deerhound portrait! At first glance I thought it was a dark and artistic photo of Lashyn begging.

Unknown said...

As always, love your dog pics. Besides the gorgeous salukis, the picture of the deerhound (lurcher, actually) is by Mick Cawston and is titled "Poacher's Ale". Mick died young at 47, a great loss for those of us who love his work. You can see prints still available at Mary Ann