Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Beauty of Guns; another Quote

Anne Davidson, who introduced me to Betsy forty- some years ago, has never hunted in her life. (She is "that zoo woman" in Querencia- the- book). A long time biophile, an orchid grower, and one who knows beauty-- human, animal, art-- when she sees it, she mused on the AyA this week:

"Long long ago, you proudly showed me a rifle, and I said I didn't know guns could be beautiful and it was. And now you are showing me another one. It is beautiful. Beyond the wood and scrolling, the shape somehow is complete and comfortable with itself."

She mused some more and sent me another note:

"Clearer, after contemplation -- it is like looking at a wonderful photograph of a favorite subject, and then squinting your eyes til the edges blur and colors blend, and seeing that it is still balanced and appealing as a simple design, and you like it just as much."

I will take that over any contemporary Hook n' Bullet "writing".

Annie in Costa Rica rain forest:

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