Thursday, December 06, 2012

A Very Few Links

Hopelessly busy and slow but you NEED these...

Jameson Parker has a post about an amazing gift shotgun, a Boss, perhaps the most austere (and best) Best. I have a corrollary tale-- remind me-- about someone who had one, and naturally, was given one. Now that I have about what I need, old friend, dog in law, and falconer friend Bodie, who shoots a Darne, has offered me a loan of-- something special. Stay tuned...
Boss-- I think this second hand one goes for well over $100,000:
Bodie & Darne
Slate says "Hunting Good!" HT Eric Eliason.

An Animal Rights activist east of the mountains near Albuquerque has apparently been stealing dogs whose owners she disapproves of, even from inside houses. When the police caught up to her, they report she threw two pitbull pups out the window of her car. What a burden it must be to "love" animals so-- Vicki Hearne had a lot to say about THAT. Paul, your neighborhood-- any thoughts?

MUCH more to come.. sorry to be slow.


Anonymous said...

my small animal veterinarian would call this dognapping "person" a humaniac.

Anonymous said...

Beware the obsessive who wishes to do "good."

Jim Cornelius

Anonymous said...

Nice Darne but the metal looking clips on the sling give me the shivers.