Tuesday, January 01, 2013


I have difficulty spending too much time at the keyboard these days, while work expands, and I find myself neglecting reading my blog "family". Then I go on binges of catching up. Yesterday, while reading my indispensable fellow New Mexican gun and science fans, the Atomic Nerds, I scrolled down to find that Stingray had written the ultimate generic gun review, the funniest I have ever read about a real gun (you will have to go there for the model name but it is a typical modern carry pistol). I wonder how many gun mags would shut down if all reviewers were as honest.

A few quotes will give you the flavor but this is a classic case of Read The Whole Thing":

"This is the single most generic gun I have ever experienced. The slide should just say “A Gun” and be done with it... There isn’t a thing bad about this gun. There isn’t a thing good about this gun... The sights are adequate. Rounds pretty much go where you point it. The trigger works. The grip is present. It has only had a few dozen rounds through it so far, but of those it went bang each time and a hole appeared in the target..."

More? "Gun(TM) is the perfect thing to throw in your fishing tackle box. It won’t matter if you have to use A Gun(TM), and the police hold on to it and/or “lose” it while vetting the shoot as good or not... you can comfortably carry A Gun(TM) all day in a variety of fashions without noticing it much, or having to join the Hawaiian Shirt Mafia... If you are a Ninja, move along. This is not the gun for you. If you have aspirations to ninjahood…we probably don’t get along anyway so this still isn’t the gun for you."



Stingray said...

You flatter, sir. Having had A Gun a while longer, I have in fact come up with a complaint and a half.

First, the slide release lever requires somewhere in the neighborhood of 90lbs of force to drop the slide. If there are rounds in the magazine, the usual trick of running the slide back is fine, but I've had parking brakes that don't hold as well as that little lever.

The half complaint is that take-down is highly non-intuitive. This only gets a half because A Gun is not intended to be monkeyed with, so much so that cleaning is most likely entirely optional. Sure, I could RTFM, but in this case more than others, for obvious reasons, that feels like cheating. There's a takedown lever, and then..... question mark. For something that should be sold in a blister-pack from a vending machine, I'm not going to worry about it that much.

BorderWars said...

I'm thrilled that it comes with a grip, because I've been told I need to get one. ;cP

Nathaniel Fitch said...

"Though it does have the singular disadvantage of being a Taurus."