Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eagle study

I am working on a portfolio for review at an upcoming art conference, and selected an eagle study as the theme. Here are a few of those images. (Click on an image to enlarge.) Enjoy!


Daniel Gauss said...

Well damn... you could have asked for my "Payday" image

Cat Urbigkit said...

This is a portfolio review of MY images - nothing from other artists.

Daniel Gauss said...

chill.. it was a joke. Should'a been a laughing or winking emoticon there.. :D
You've already seen this:

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. Thanks for posting.


Cat Urbigkit said...

Oh that's terrible Daniel! I Googled and couldn't find the image, so I wasn't sure what you meant. Terrible (laughing)!

Shiri, thanks much! Hope the juror likes them too.