Sunday, February 03, 2013

Spur Dance; Benefit for the San Augustin Water Coalition

We went to the dance, paid our fee, and logged on to Montana's laptop to petition Governor Martinez. It was not a time for subtlety; my "letter" was "Don't STEAL our water!"

Matt Middleton, Darryl Pettis, and the bar staff ran a tight show. There were more ranch folks than I had seen in years, many newcomers actually socializing with them, and the most and best dancing I had seen in years. Ty Chavez actually persuaded Libby to dance, a rare sight AFTER my batteries died.

Serious links and good photos of what is at risk here. We have started something... let's not drop the ball.

My few photos-- KC ran my 'lectrics down-- are below.

And special thanks to webmaster Matt Middleton.

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