Friday, March 22, 2013

Cowboy Wedding, with occasional gun

We went to the outdoor wedding of Jake Stamper and Eva Trujillo last week.

Nothing says western like people doing show and tell with their guns in the parking lot at a wedding. My hunting partner, Piet Ditmars, and his wife, Jessica Abberly , admiring a CZ Bobwhite .410. Consensus among knowledgeable friends suggests  at under $1000 it may be the best smallbore for the money. Jessica wants one too, though she is left handed and must shorten the stock.
Related: Jameson Parker, who did the intro to my book below, discusses gun esthetics.


Anonymous said...

I have a 12 ga CZ SxS and LOVE it. Paid $700 new. They're made in Turkey and are a great value.

Jim Cornelius

Anonymous said...

Why, J. C., that brings a whole new meaning to the term "turkey shoot"!....L.B.