Sunday, March 17, 2013


...a step ahead of the banker,

a moment behind convention,

putting off heaven and hell

as long as possible.

--from Blood Writing, by Sean Sexton

The poet sends his picture, in his Querencia, and a painting. I'd love to see that place. Meanwhile, get his book!


sean sexotn said...

I'll send you some pictures if you'll tell me how to do it.
-Sean Sexton

Steve Bodio said...

Sean: a friend recently recommended your Blood Writing and I have been reading it costantly. I intend more quotes on the blog.

Current favorites are Ditch Cleaning, A Horse Dies, Burial of the Freezer Items (sounds like my freezer), This Morning, Domesticity...

My address is POB 709 Magdalena NM 87825; email "ebodio at gilanet dot com"