Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My relatives are OK

Federico wondered if my relatives were OK. As I have three sisters who regularly run the Marathon it was a serious question. The twins did not go up from Pittsburgh this year, and Anita St John was at mile 20 when the bombs went off at the finish line.

However, my sister Wendy, a head nurse, is apparently working on the victims, and there are or at least were armed guards on the hospital doors.


Peculiar said...

One of my river guide friends ran the marathon this year, thankfully she finished before the explosions and is fine. But it just goes to show that gratuitous running is hazardous to your health, safer to stay home and drink beer!

Clay said...

Delighted to learn your family is safe.

Renate and Frank

Anonymous said...

Good news.

Jim Cornelius

Anonymous said...

Here, here...Peculiar ! Though I do think there will be more runners then usual next year. Seems Wendy (if she got to work today) would be locked down during the search for suspect 2. Saddened heart that it is foreigners that grew up here that are at the heart of this... Your sister Karen