Sunday, May 19, 2013

White Pelican

A week ago Saturday, Connie and I went up to Barr Lake State Park, a local birding hot spot. I thought you might enjoy this picture of a white pelican we saw there, one of the many who visit here in the summer. It seems every time I see them I am astonished anew at how big they are.


Just Another Savage! said...

Hey Bud, just wanted to say hello and let you know I was thinking about you. You don't have to share this, it's just a note to you to say I hope you are doing well and life out there is treating you fairly! Benn planning a trip to the mogolian Rim area to bring my three legged Airedale bitch to Matt Thom for breeding. (Around July) Gonna go through Houston coming or going to pick up a couple Jagdterrier pups and might come by your way if your obliged. I like to travel the backroads as much as possible. All the best to you sir!
Audwin McGee

Steve Bodio said...

I think we are going to be here-- email a week or so before! (ebodio at gilanet dot com)

(I write it that way or it won't go right.)