Thursday, June 13, 2013

Black Forest Fire

You may have seen something about this horrible fire in the national news. I took this picture of the smoke plume from the guest bedroom balcony Tuesday afternoon when the fire was first stirring up. It's located northeast of Colorado Springs and about 40-45 miles south of us. As of this morning it had burned about 8,000 acres and destroyed about 100 homes. Since Tuesday we really haven't been able to see a plume as the wind has shifted so it's coming from the south and we are in the plume.

Very sad, as this same general area was hit by the destructive Waldo Canyon Fire a year ago.


Darrell said...

As of 5pm today, the fire is reported at 15,700 acres, with two fatalities. The last I heard 360+ homes have been lost, which makes it worse than the Waldo Canyon fire of last year.

The Waldo Canyon fire was west of town, in the mountains, and ran down into the northwest side of town. The Black Forest fire is north and northeast of town.

The first day of the fire I was driving home just south of it, and saw the smoke plume before I got details. Temp was 99 degrees with a whopping 2%, that's zero-two per cent, relative humidity. It's looking like one long, hot summer. :(

Peculiar said...

Scary stuff, Reid. We've got some nasty fires going down here, but they're all out in the boonies, not burning houses (knock on wood).

Phil Yearout said...

There was a pic on our local news two night ago of the smoke clouding the sun in Hays, Kansas which is some 300 miles east of The Springs. Some folks dodging tornadoes and now fires. Hoping for the best for all the good folks out there.