Saturday, June 15, 2013

Very Good Dog!

One breed I no longer have but continue to love is the field English springer. Here is a photo of Jerry Scoville's little Springer Skookum last season, who has retrieved way more than his weight in geese. He is no Chessie-- he weighs around 28 pounds, like Taik.

Says Jerry: "He slept for ~30 hours after chasing geese all day.  In this image he is with 15 white-cheeked geese.  Snow, and White-fronted Geese were also harvested.  Skookum weighs in at 27-to-29 pounds, and the big geese weighs in at 8--to-12 pounds.  He has to run backwards when bringing big geese to hand over uneven terrain." He actually retrieved 38 in all, because he was the only dog working all that day!

Jerry likes 10 bores-- maybe he will send pics of one too.

For a good springer read try A Rough Shooting Dog by Charles Fergus,  # 36 in the Book o' Books .

Need I say no change in TOWN water, though it is beginning to look like monsoons are imminent.


Retrieverman said...

28 pounds is cocker size.

Fergus's book is well worth the read. He's rebel in a world full of pointing dog elitists. LOL.

Retrieverman said...

Another good one:

mdmnm said...

Wow- heck of a day's work!