Thursday, July 18, 2013

A quote or two

From Gerry Cox: "There's a saying in the world of antique furniture, 'The only substitute for knowledge is money, a lot of money.' "  Of course the reverse is also true-- see the gun featured just a post or two above...

 Not at ALL "By the Way"; Gerry has joined two of our inner guns- books- dogs- food discussion circle (me and James Caldwell, The Old Gunkie) in blogging. His Hits and Misses does something unique in the blog world: he has successive posts on Rossini and how to build a Scout (or as he insists "woods") rifle on a Mauser action Check it out! His thoughtful book about big game hunting will be coming this fall- watch this space.

From the late indispensable Vicki Hearne via Blue Dog State: "". . .[T]here is something more to animals. A capacity for satisfactions that come from work in the fullest sense -- what is known in philosophy and in this country's Declaration of Independence as "happiness." . . . Happiness is often misunderstood as a synonym for pleasure or as an antonym for suffering."  This one will get header space down the line.

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