Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm Baaaack!

Returning to what passes as normal, granting that I am still working on a book thing, moving pigeons around, preparing for trustees meeting for the Sevilleta, taking up the falcon, writiing a new Neuroblog post, and more of the usual clutter. But at least a little blogging will resume.

First, a few images from last week: Deep Springs College, most unique and remote (4 1/2 hours on good roads from Las Vegas, 30- plus miles from the nearest bar!) small college/ cattle ranch in the nation, where Niki is now working, and a few by Jack of our visit to the grove of bristlecone pines nearby, where I was pleased to find out I can still hike up and down and walk around sans cane at over 10,000 feet-- maybe I will yet hunt chukar out there. Only thing we missed was Deep Spring's endemic toad-- the road, in this driest of dry valleys, was flooded, and a hike 2 miles down and back up with Jack carrying Eli  in a broken pack did not seem like a bright idea...

The Valley

Blocked road to toads

The toad itself

Me contemplating bristlecone, and...

... hiking down the trail below, with Eli running in pursuit (last two by Jackson Frishman).

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Reid Farmer said...

If you go after chukar don't forget the mountain quail