Sunday, August 18, 2013

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I am even more pressed than usual. Though I will try to get some content up in the next two days, time is tight; in addition to my needing to rework my current two book proposals once more at the request of publishers-- don't ask!-- we leave Wednesday for our first visit to Deep Springs, which I look forward to despite a bit of apprehension.  Parkinson's does not make for comfortable travel, at least to a new place. So until I return a week from tomorrow, no promises re content...

Enough whining. I have accumulated a few pics lately that don't rise to whole post or essay length, but which I like, so will offer a bit of a catch- all right here...
Centuries clash in this photo of a young berkutchi at the Cosmodrome, taken just after the fall of the Soviet Union, possibly by Oleg Belyalov who does not have email, and given to me in Brooklyn in the early 1990's; recently disinterred from one of my nine ring- binders on matters Central Asian. It was a transparency, and I copied it by taping it to my south window and snapping with my point- and- shoot, so apologies for quality!

 A bobwhite hood ornament, snapped by John Wilson in Albuquerque. The car was almost as nice.

Alien armor? No, a "burgonet", ca.1550,  HT David Zincavage. More info appreciated...

Giant bronze mosquito, courtesy of Rolf Magener. This may remain mysterious, as I intend a follow- up.

The prettiest shotguns are English. Period.Right click for more detail.

Mongolian kid's drawing of Saker falcon nest box project for Falco.

Miss Chicken comes in for fall training.

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