Thursday, August 01, 2013

Two Dixons and a Rungius

Last Sunday, Connie and I went to the Denver Art Museum to see their knock-out Navajo textile special exhibit called Red, White and Bold. It puts together the best 19th century rugs from the collections of the Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the University of Colorado Museum. Runs through September 22 and is well worth seeing. I was disappointed that a) no photography was allowed and b) they did not produce a catalog you could buy.

We made a run through the Historical Western America area on the 7th floor where I saw two Maynard Dixon oils that were new to me. Above is Navajo Riders (1915).

Here is The Trading Post (1915). These were both painted on a trip Dixon made through Arizona with his wife and daughter that year.

We also saw a Rungius oil, Big Horn Sheep (no date) that I've put up here special for Steve, who I know is a big fan.


Steve Bodio said...

Love those late Rungius Cubist rocks; seriously! (Though Libby says they remind her of Sierras). Some good examples at Jackson Hole, best nature art collection in US I think-- but I have not seen even a picture of this one.

Reid Farmer said...

We should go see it when you guys are up here next

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these. Particularly like the top one.


Steve Bodio said...

As to best of the bunch, I'm with Daniel. We are enjoying that kind of glowing, long- shadowed late afternoon light right now, and he got it down.

Reid Farmer said...

He did catch the light in that one, didn't he?