Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Lizards

Not one but FOUR new lizard species discovered in California!

"Throughout the history of lizard evolution, several lizard lineages have lost their legs, James Parham of Cal State Fullerton said. Snakes are the best-known and most diverse of these lineages, but more than 200 other types of limbless lizards exist throughout the world.

"In California, five legless lizard species have been identified, all of them part of a group called Anniella. Four of these legless lizards are new to science and were recently described in Breviora, a publication of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University."

These animals are so secretive that descriptions of their habitat can sound ridiculous.

"One of the four newly identified species of Anniella, the Southern California legless lizard, was found under some dead leaves in dunes at the west end of LAX.

"The Bakersfield legless lizard was found in three vacant lots in that city's downtown.

"The southern Sierra legless lizard was spotted in three dry canyons on the edge of the Mojave Desert, and the Temblor legless lizard was found in the oil fields around Taft, a city on the southwestern edge of the San Joaquin Valley."

They are looking for more. HT Reid.


Moro Rogers said...

To be fair, the dunes at the west end of LAX are not open to the public. They're fenced off, ostensibly to protect the rare El Segundo Blue Butterfly. I like to think it's a secret rocket launch site, as well as a hotbed of wildlife activity.

Chris Gilman said...

My wife just saw one of these in Sun Valley ca. It was silver with a thin red line down it's back.