Sunday, December 01, 2013

Asian Perch

Since Mima went nuclear on Lashyn, I have been in a quandary re "what bird?" Though there are some exotic possibilities, my perennial favorites have always been gosses and tiercel falcons with gyr and saker genes. I worry about keeping up with the falcons, nor can I afford or easily control a horse, though I am getting interested, almost against my will, on "four wheelers"-- what my Engilsh friends call quad bikes. I think about what to invest my limited time and money in, and I return again and again to goshawks.

Fortuitously, Al Gates, who has seen more Asian falconry that any other westerner, sent me these photos of a gos and an Asian swinging perch. Though you cannot leave it unattended,  many Asian falconers use one for gosses and eagles-- apparently the sway keeps them preoccupied and quicker to tame, especially when kept in the bustle of daily activity. (These are passage birds of course; I don't think many of these people "do" eyasses, never mind imprints).

The subject of "what Bird" will be continued. My strength and dexterity are bad enough that I don't need any more mistakes!


Just Another Savage! said...

Maybe instead of a Quad you should explore the old Willys Jeeps, more room and more stable as well as costs are very close. Some of the old CJs are cheaper than the Willys too. The Willys is narrower and will go anywhere plus easy to work on and parts are cheap.
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

....but if you have to break down and git an ATV, then by gawd, DO IT! Whatever it takes to stay mobile out in the field! I personally HATE the things(mainly because they allow the worst, lazy-arse, littering slobs to penetrate virtually ANYWHERE, in places that in my "old days" I never had to worry about any other humans, since nobody but me would range that far afoot!), but I'll make my peace with the contraptions and utilize one for myself if-and-when it ever gets to the point I CAN'T do it afoot anymore! Better that than not getting out at all!....L.B.