Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fishes, wishes... and a caption, please

Guy Boyd, gyr tiercel "Darwin",  huge rainbow. Story?  Take it away! Guy's was  "Game is getting thin on the ground around here, so..."

At least one person who saw this image "believed " it-- people are distressingly uncertain about raptors and their habits. Of course they also think raptor means Deinonychus...

More fish. Sometimes, in this my maternal coat of arms (pretty fancy for a bunch of mercenaries gone to fishing for a  living on the Banks), the fish are stacked vertically. I think they are more interesting that way, leaning toward a mysterious meaning. This one looks a bit like a face. But I suspect it has been Victorianly sanitized.

At least it still says conquer or die...

We at Casa Q wish for a Happy New Year to all!

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Anonymous said...

"Man finds live falcon in caught Salmon's belly, becomes falconer and names bird "Jonah".....that's MY caption contribution. Hey, I've got a wolf pic caption photo you'd probably enjoy Steve(and Cat!)--I'll try to send it to you by E-mail......L.B.