Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gratuitous Dog Pics

Those who think that tazis-salukis are flatlanders or hampered by broken ground should see Tavi negotiating an arroyo-- and he is hardly the only one. Photo by Shiri.

Lashyn in her prime, just DOWN from a similar wall:

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Anonymous said...

Although I would agree that Tazi/salukis most ideal habitat would be a territory with largely flat plains/prairie, it's nice to have some varying topography for variety! My own sighthounds now(Tazis) and in the past(Azawakh, Turkish-bred Saluki, and Salmon Hound) have performed quite well in thick forest over both steep, mountainous terrain(Southern Highland Appalachians), and rough rocky hills(the Uwharrie "mountains" where I now reside), and not knowing anything else, enjoy their runs as much as sighthounds in more "appropriate" habitats! It reminds me of the story I told you, Steve, of my first(and so far only) experience with "lure coursing" at my last visited Saluki Specialty show, where it took quite a bit of wrangling and dumb human politics just to finally get a chance to let my very bored(unregistered, desert-bred) Saluki chase the lure, and DEFINETELY NOT by my own miniscule influence! When questioned by the ANAL, RUDE(just my opinion) lure operator if I thought my Saluki was "up to it", as he considered this lure coursing route very strenuous, I looked with disbelief(regarding the "strenuous part) across the perfectly flat, perfectly groomed, mowed lawn that constituted the "coursing" run, and smiled, reflecting on how MY saluki was used to plunging up and down steep, rocky, thickly forested slopes and rhododendron thickets full tilt after deer, foxes, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, grouse, turkeys, and all manner of critters--and I drawled in my most sarcastic drawl(totally lost on these civilized folks), "Waaaal, yeah, I reckin he kin handle it....."....L.B.