Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mattanza Magdalena

It has been a rough year for our town-- four funerals in one family alone, no water for a month in summer, loss of our only food store. Perhaps my young friend Jason Otero, who is a guide and hound trainer among other skills, just decided to cheer everyone up. He staged a mattanza-- literally a "killing"-- a community pig roast. EVERYBODY came, despite near- freezing temps and fog. It was I think the best party yet of this century, though mattanzas were not rare events through the nineties. I think we should do one at least every six months. (These will enlarge if you right or double click).

Johnny Krynitz, Ty Scartaccini, Lib

Bar owner Darrel joins the conversation
Host Jason in the middle talking to guide Travis Tafoya; Jason's mom Valerie to left

Update: I just realized that if you enlarge the fourth photo and look just above Valerie's head you will see our highest local peak, South Baldy, at a little over 10, 700 feet. THAT'S why it is cold here.


Chas Clifton said...

Looks like a good time. I did not know that the little grocery was gone. Yikes.

danontherock said...

As we would say in Newfoundland.
"Having a Time"

plenkj said...

This would be called a "Sautanz" (pigdance9 in rural Austria, where we turn almost all of the pig into a dish! good stuff! Johann

John said...

I didn't get over there but we heard the music quite clearly!

Anonymous said...



Just Another Savage! said...

Just the pics lifted my spirits, all the best!!

montana pettis said...

Great weekend for the town of magdalena, we should have more reminders that, there is alot more good than bad out there. Hell, the world needs more of that too!