Monday, December 30, 2013

Rigby Returns

The real thing, made in London on the old patents, the old ways. I have owned one once, a ".275". So did Walter Dalrymple Maitland Bell, who shot many elephants with that "tiny", actually moderate,  caliber. And Jim Corbett (man -eating tigers), and Eleanor O'Connor (mostly edible horned things).

They have a stock of older Rigby products, like these:
( Jonathan mutters something about it's being worth a duel to own them).

All the old records...
 Jonathan harvests elk every year with the . 275 I used to shoot, and always remembers to provision us.
The sidelock are distinctive.

Father Bakewell preferred his .416 ""Rifle for Heavy Game." (This is a virtually identical one, not his), After a severe mauling by a sloth bear that was menacing "his" villagers, he was given one. His bear is the only one in Rowland Ward's top ten guided by "self".

Not everyone is pleeased.


Jonathan Hanson said...

Thank God the sad era of the California "Rigby" is over. I would simply erase it from the records as a bad dream.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Glory!

Jim Cornelius