Friday, December 06, 2013


Perfect shot of a Merlin stooping in England courtesy of John Loft, the living master of Merlins -- right click for big.


Anonymous said...

Worth a look. Unfortunately no hunting with eagles allowed in oz!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Not sure you will get this. But link below is worth a look for you eagle lovers to see our Australian wedgetail eagles in action. Unfortunately, no hunting with eagles allowed here in Australia. But a lot of wild ones about.
I enjoy your rifle/gun posts and wish you would do another 'Good Guns Again'!

Cheers John

Steve Bodio said...

It came through-- thanks!

Wedge tails are very interesting eagles-- long and slender, oddest of genus Aquila, but from all accounts (& this photo) serious large- prey predators. I wish someone could fly them as falconry birds.