Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why Anne likes Gyrs

I still plan to get a Gos, first anyway, but Anne Price makes a case. She says:

"...  you need a gyr/saker complex critter, a gyrbrid, as you say:

1.)    An imprint tiercel will be nearly impossible to lose. Feed it on the car, the ATV, and it will just learn to come back there if the long slip doesn’t work out.
2.)    As you point out, they are practically tiny dogs with talons and feathers….a gos will never be that sweet. Or, correction, it will for a couple of weeks, then magically turn and want to eat your eyeballs!
3.)    The long hare slips and flights with a dog, ala Zhel, will be more fun.
4.)    Hybrid anything should be more disease resistant. Goses can get asper just from stress!
5.)    Do you REALLY want to mess with a tail sheath?
6.)    You need something that is Mongolian/Altai/Magdalena arid steppe….he’ll be right at home. None of this stupid tree stuff![Don't ask me why, this appeals! SB]

"Besides, gyrs are more cultured birds and you can do things like this when you’re raising them…"


Reid Farmer said...

Reminds me of your picture of Manai serenading his eagle

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of yer picture of Manai serenading his eagle....L.B.

Suzanne said...

Is it "gear" or "gire"?

Steve Bodio said...

"Jer" (;-)); cognate I believe with "gyre", as in Yeats' "Second Coming": "Turning and turning in the widening gyre/ The falcon cannot hear the falconer". Which happens a little too often with these birds, the one thing that makes me nervous!