Friday, February 07, 2014

A Texas pig tale

This story was told to me at the Spur by a friend from east of here. Names have been changed or removed to protect the embarrassable.

My friend told me:

I know you are aware of the problem feral hogs have been causing. There were only three deer taken this year on our family deer lease, the worst harvest in about ten years. Martin Chavez, who farms the same property we hunt, has been allowing one of his sons to trap the hogs in a big cage that fits on the back of his 2- ton stakebed truck. The kid then hauls the pigs twenty five miles to town and sells them for about 30 bucks for each-- not bad work for a kid.

 Years ago,  my city cousin elected himself to be the spokesman for our group. After the unsuccessful season, he decided that the farmer and his trapping operation were somehow responsible for the deer vacating our property.  So, he called Chavez, and told him that since he, the spokesman, was paying for the hunting rights, all the animals, including the hogs, belonged to him. He ordered him to remove the cage immediately, or it would be destroyed and hauled off. The farmer reluctantly agreed to send his boy out to remove the trap.

 That evening, the self- satisfied hunter was enjoying a quiet meal in a big city about two hundred miles from the ranch. The phone rang, and he answered.  It was Chavez, the farmer. "Martin here. I sent my son down to get that trap and he just called to tell me it has fourteen hogs in it. Now you better get your ass down there and get your pigs out of my trap, else I’m calling the sheriff!”

 Perhaps my cousin will be more careful with his demands in the future.

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Anonymous said...

SOMEHOW the saying "making a silk purse out of a sow's ear", with some modification, must apply here. Literally. .....L.B.