Friday, February 28, 2014

Mild apologies

... or at least explanation. I have finally tied all the loose ends up on proposals and contracts, and handed in my article on the three amazing pigeons (dodo, passenger, and feral street) to Living Bird. I am now coming up for breath and determined first to spend more time outdoors. Also need a tune up and oil change at the neurologists, and to write about that too. But I have plenty on tap here-- guns and art, sure, and quotes, but most importantly, all manner of book reviews and recommendations, starting with Paula Young Lee's unique, funny, true, and addictively quotable Deer Hunting in Paris.


Lucas Machias said...

Is that the Gil S over on

Is that shot in Florida?

Lucas Machias said...

The above should have been posted with the snipe pic.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize for trying to make a living! Thanks for all your hard work on the blog. Tobin