Sunday, March 16, 2014

Social life, New Mexico

City people can't even begin to think how active a social life you can have even 100 miles from a city or in a dirt- road downtown town. Only drawback may be that it is harder to resist; a sort of Carpe diem reigns. Or maybe that is just me. So: two photo blog posts.

 First : a party arranged by Bodie and Lindsay in Corrales and centered around his two new monster deerhound pups (the 6 month old male is already bigger than any dog I ever had but half- deerhound Riley). In attendance: two Bodios, California deerhound breeder/ potential New Mexican/ radiation oncologist, and medblogger Miranda (I will keep her anonymity a bit longer); and her friends Helen and Kent, recent immigrants. The entree was elk with green pepper sauce, and the conversation spirited. We need to take Miranda out with hound and hawk-- she already has the hounds. Silly pics follow; my only vain reaction is that I need a treadmill and a severe fast. Damn how slow you get with this condition, but we had fun.

From top: Bodie, Miranda,; her friend Helen's first encounter with a hawk ; me with our host; Lib and Lindsay. To be continued in the field....

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