Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Poet

Tim Murphy is not just one of our finest living poets, and the only one I know who celebrates what I have called "our Siberia", the chilly plains of North Dakota. He is a living rebuke to stereotypes: a farmer, a businessman, a Yale graduate who studied under Robert Penn Warren; a classicist who writes about dogs; a gay man who is a practicing Catholic; perhaps above all, at least for subjects, a passionate bird hunter who has written the only poetry collection I know of that is dedicated to hunting. I have written about him in my book of one hundred books. Here he talks about all these subjects and more on North Dakota TV.


Retrieverman said...

Looks pretty good.

I've never heard of him, but that was worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Murphy's "Hunter's log" is a much welcomed addition to anyone's hunting library.

This fellow might be one to keep an eye on too, he has a lot of hunting poetry in his blog.

Steve Bodio said...

Great stuff! Bookmarked, & thanks.