Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Early Monsoon?

Magdalena mountains last weekend, by Elizabeth Campbell. This is less than ten miles from us, mountains thrusting up to nearly 11,000 feet from a plain over 6000, between us and Socorro 2500 feet below on the Rio Grande.

Topping out-- telescope on the ridge ahead.
Going down toward Water Canyon, a hummingbird appears.  Peregrines nest in the cliffs to the right.
Looking northeast from the canyon, through Lee's ranch, at Polvadera Peak.


Peculiar said...

Nice to see some photos from the Mags! We had a cool, rainy week here too, but I'm definitely waiting to see June shape up before I contemplate early monsoon status. We can hope, though!

Gil said...

Great photos. The Ridge telescope, 2.4 meters, is a big'un. Gil

Anonymous said...

Awesome country to ride and be part of - so happy to have been there!

Anonymous said...

Oh to be in Magdalena, now that Spring is here!

Great, evocative pics that bring memories flooding back!