Thursday, May 08, 2014

I Quote Myself

Grouchily, from 2006, on the then- proposed coursing ban in CA. I may or may not elaborate...but I would not take back a word. Nor is its relevance particularly narrow.

"Calfornia and the current government of the UK are in the lead of the west's trying to ban death, injury, history, tragedy, and hurt feelings. Not only will it never happen; lives human and animal, and traditions and practices hundreds and more years old, are being destroyed by those ignorant of everything from biology to history. Loni Hancock by her own admission never heard of coursing until a few weeks ago, and her exposure consists of one short video with misleading commentary. Can she stand up and tell me that she knows more about my hounds than I do, or loves them better? You would put me in JAIL, and kill my dogs, because I do this?"

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Anonymous said...

Loni was known as a flake on the Berkeley city council, back in the the day---and you have to work hard to stand out in that setting