Friday, May 16, 2014

Lucas' Links

My friend whose cyber name is "Lucas Machias" sends more links than anyone I know, and I can't keep up with him. His favorite subjects include but are not limited to wildlife art, paleontology, evolution, and sporting lit. I have decided to occasionally give him a post of links of his own; there is no other way to keep up! With no further ado:

Predator prey relationships are more complicated than we think.

Never mind winter; drought is coming; or, it can get much worse.

Very cool mule deer migration video.

We have all seen them: an amazing clueless Amazon review.

Lucas reads a lot more fly fishing books than I do. Here is one about Russ Chatham's fishing mentor.

Microscopic sandworms of Dune?

"Hitchcock would have loved it." Mutating birds at Chernobyl.

Raven politics.

The Golden Eagle's genome has been sequenced. Interesting that it indicates a good sense of smell!

For all Roy Chapman Andrews fans. Unfortunately the internal link doesn't seem to be working; I may Google it later.

Svante Paabo's book on Neanderthals is out!.

More to come, I'm sure...

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Anonymous said...

Anyone else(ahem! Cat!) notice the Mule deer migration film going by Pinedale Wyoming? We may well have seen photos of some of these very Mule deer already here on Querencia!....L.B.