Friday, May 09, 2014


John Davila, one of my oldest NM friends, is an unreconstructed Catron county rancher, an unconventional soul who used to raise game chickens in the old days, not to mention cattle and stranger things.  I bet he likes the quote from a distant relative, 20th century philosopher Nicolas Gomez Davila, courtesy of David Zincavage's Never Yet Melted:

"The modern world will not be punished.

"It is the punishment."

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Just Another Savage! said...

I miss the Old Days, or what little I got to experience of it.
The damn wheel turns too fast now and has too much momentum. The brakes are tired and soon won't work no matter how hard we strain on the pedal, my leg and foot have grown weary and tremble under the strain, I would go back, but I think it's better to just remember, soon the man with a hunting dog will be a legend and then a distant memory and then the children will wonder if we ever existed and then no one will care at all.