Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Storm

I woke up to this early this morning. At 2 PM it appears to be finally stopping. I can assure you the hummingbirds are not very happy about this. As we always say here, we can use the water.


Gil said...

Get your nectar feeders out in the a.m. That'll help out the hummers. I kept a droplight under mine to keep the nectar from freezing.

Reid Farmer said...

Mine were already out and apparently close enough to the house that they never froze. The hummers sat in the shelter of the pine limbs - the closest shelter to the feeders - and buzzed angrily back and forth.

Anonymous said...

Reid, forget where you are, but have a friend, who having started a long cross-country pilgrimage from Nevada to Long Island, found himself stranded this AM in Wyoming ... He's pulling a trailer with all his worldly possessions, so have no idea how he'll get out of there.

Falls under the category of "best laid plans."