Monday, June 09, 2014

Black and White

Lauren, in Scotland working on her book (no pressure there!) seemed to be in a black and white mood last week, appropriate to her weather if not ours (hot, we hope gathering moisture for a desperately-  needed monsoon). First one of her "on the hill."
Second, an unusual photo she found of the late gadfly and contrarian Christopher Hitchens-- young, handsome, almost sweet, carrying pheasants and, of course, smoking.
Lauren wrote: "... found (when going down the Internet rabbit hole) this old picture of Hitch that I love, which greatly reminds of an old picture of yourself! With gun and quail maybe?"

I think she means woodcock, ca. 1976. That was probably contemporary to Hitch, actually...
 Then I thought, maybe she DOES mean quail. But this one is pretty western...


uplandish said...

I can't wait to read Lauren's new book.
Besides being a fantastic outdoors role model for young women and one of my heroes, her Instagram feed is nothing short of amazing.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Hitchens really let himself go:

(you may wish to wash your eyes after viewing)