Sunday, July 06, 2014

Pre- flight

Pre- flight training at Lee Henderson's La Jencia Ranch. In the last three I am alternating an oversized Kazakh hood he has been training with and a proper Gyr hood-- the rest are self explanatory. Double or right click for BIG images.

Lib reminds me to say that the ranch has good grass over most of it, not trampled sand and cow poop- we are starting his training right in by the inner corrals around the house,  because we want him to home in there if he wanders. Last photo, added later, would be on high ground just to the right of the first photo with the sign, at the edge of the rising ground, looking from that high ground back over the whole ranch, virtually through the headquarters where these were taken.


Dennis said...

Looks like Steve finally got a new hat?

Anonymous said...

Stunning bird! Magnificent countryside! Enjoy so much your sharing this stuff with us on "Querencia"!....L.B.

Gil said...

2275Steve, bird has grown-up fast since your first photos. When is first flight? Gil

Steve Bodio said...

Dennis-- not new just little used. I wear felt ones more.

Gil, in about a week IF I can walk. What is invisible in that photo is that neither Lee nor I can walk ten feet right now. Lee needs a hip replaced and I probably do, and in any case am in excruciating hip pain compounded by Rheumatoid arthritis.

Guy Boyd said...

Are you going to begin with lure flying, tame hack, or some combo?

I can walk more than ten steps but I cant squat or stand back up (my hip replacement is scheduled for Sept 8)
My wife got me a telescoping walking stick that enables me to walk up to half a mile- with pain, but better than not walking at all- and get up and down. I've strapped it to my hawking bag (it slides down to about 25") so it goes where I go. All hip problems are not the same, but it might be worth a try. Oh, also works as a good flushing stick.

Steve Bodio said...

Tame hack. But right now I can't walk, hardly. Nor can Lee. Lib can but working 6 days a week--!