Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Hemingway, with burger

I have been saving this found image of Ernest and Patrick Hemingway. Patrick, closer to 90 than 80, doesn't look all that different today, but then, he did when he was about 8, too.

This month,  Saveur published a real Hemingway hambuger recipe.We just made two, and I swear it may be the best I ever ate. The only ingredient we lacked was "India Relish".


Moro Rogers said...

I always knew Hemingway was a shill for Spice Islands!=p (This sounds pretty good. Oughta try it.)

Guy Boyd said...

When I see an image of H with a glint in his eye, I think of a man with a lust for life and a passion for writing about it. But despite the ocean of words written about him, I wonder what he was really like. I'll never share a hunt in Africa, the confines of Pilar on the great blue river, or a Pulitzer Prize celebration with him, so I suppose a burger will have to do--thanks for the pic and recipe.

Steve Bodio said...

One thing stands out from knowing Patrick; he was a remarkably kind and generous and patient father, despite his sometimes contentious personality with his friends.