Friday, September 19, 2014

Close Encounter

Early yesterday morning, these two young bucks were busy noshing on my neighbor's lawn and shrubs.

Suddenly, my neighbor came out her back door with her dachshund, who saw them and barked once. The two boys dove to the bottom of the arroyo that was just a few feet away.

They hung out down there with a doe and her fawn, who had been eating sumac down in the arroyo bottom. They were anxious to see if that dachshund was coming after them.

 Then they noticed me, standing on the bank of the arroyo. They wanted to go down the arroyo and back to cover along Bayou Gulch. You can see the doe's ears swiveled back, listening for the dreaded dachshund. I was between them and Bayou Gulch and they didn't like it. I didn't keep them in suspense for long.

One final thing - look at the dark mark on the forehead of the buck in the rear. I don't remember seeing anything like on the muleys around here. Maybe someone who knows more about them than I do can comment. 


Anonymous said...

I can't really tell from the photo(even though I embiggened it)--GREAT photos by the way!-- but that marking on that buck looks a lot like a bloodstain from the shed velvet--the fact that this buck had obviously just shed velvet(while the other in the photo was still in velvet)made me think of that--I saw all kinds of strange marks on deer faces from shed velvet bloodstains on a deer farm I used to work on. Then again, it kinda looks like BAMBI's markings in the Walt Disney version....L.B.

Reid Farmer said...

Thank you, Lane. I hadn't thought of blood stains

Labella said...

This is a word I have taken myself from I Is Roxie, lol