Friday, October 17, 2014

Ataika, still Queen of the World

Arthur's work.
As Reid says, it's Ataika's world; we just live in it. As Arthur said of her late "sister" Lashyn, "the only dog I ever knew who was so confident in her ownership of the living room furniture that she kicked me off the couch."


Anonymous said...

Of all the dogs I have slept with over the years(don't nobody misconstrue that, now...), only ONE actually pushed me bodily out of the bed one night! It was my first Halsey-Rogers Turkish-bred Saluki(more akin to a Tazi in many ways, but I'm being redundant), by the name of Shim- Shek(affectionately and also descriptively nicknamed "Shim-SHARK" by a perceptive friend of mine). Keep in mind he was THE BIGGEST SALUKI IN THE WORLD(another term of endearment for him) at 31 inches at the shoulder--more of a Wolfhound size than typical Saluki--but lean and rock-hard from coursing steep mountain slopes every day--so a POWERFUL animal! With ALL of a typical Salukis' arrogance! My bed was tucked into a corner of the shack I lived in at the time, and Shim-shark got between me and the wall during the night I speak of, braced his big hare feet, straightened his sturdy legs and pushed me completely out of the bed! He had slept with me almost every night since puppyhood up to this point, but human slavery only tolerates so much, and Shim-shark had to compete with the lesser canines in the pack for couches and overstuffed chairs after this episode!....L.B.

Steve Bodio said...

A son of Sarban? (Who was just like that).

Karen Myers said...

Uhlan (Ataika's nephew) only takes over my side of the bed when I'm not there (with a special fondness for the pillows).

I have a friend with lurchers who characterizes sharp-elbowed sighthounds on the bed as "sleeping with a sack of antlers".

Anonymous said...

...I can't recollect Shim-shek's parents' names, lo these many years passed. I do remember his sire was a BIG saluki too! And Shim-shek WAS the BIGGEST Saluki around at the two Saluki National Specialty shows we skulked around--he caused quite a lot of comment because of this and other things. Like that A-rab sheik trying to buy him off'n me(unsuccessfully, of course), and Shim-shek being totally trustable off lead, to the shock of most salukiphiles. You might remember and have handy or filed some photos I sent you of him awhile back, Steve. Big tri-color dog. I DO remember his sire being a big red dog......L.B.