Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Made in China

Earlier in the week, I visited the contemporary art galleries at the Denver Art Museum and saw this fabulous resin sculpture of a T-Rex (or maybe that's an Allosaurus) by Sui Jianguo called Made In China. I confess I no sooner saw this than I heard Steve's voice in my head saying, "Shoulda had feathers!"

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Anonymous said...

Definetely a T-Rex--if any thoughts towards accuracy were involved in the creation of this thing. A great way to instantly distinguish between the two-- Allosauruses have some fairly decent functional front limbs, whereas the T-rex's have those nearly useless little nubbins for arms. And I don't know about that bright red color, but hey, who knows? Regarding feathers--ever notice how the skins(or skin impressions) of many dinos that have been preserved have that goose-flesh/goose bumps look? Like, perhaps a plucked bird's skin looks? Hmmmmmm.....L.B.