Sunday, January 18, 2015


"Promoting novels in a soundbite culture is like selling elephants from a gumball machine."
Barbara Kingsolver

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I JUST read a novel by this woman! Recommended to me--she writes a lot about Southern Appalachian culture, apparently. At least the book I read was, titled "Prodigal Summer". Not exactly my cup of tea, actually, but VERY well written--I still was compelled to finish it to see what happened to all the characters! Excellent descriptions of the landscapes and flora and fauna(although her using the invasive coyotes social behavior to symbolically mirror her female human characterizations was not exactly correct--male coyotes most assuredly help their mates and young--but I could understand WHY she did it. I DID actually know of an old giant hollow chestnut log on an isolated mountain ridge, just as she described, though!), and no doubt it would be a PERFECT story for a "Lifetime" channel movie! Maybe a mini-series. Is this a "soundbite"? No? Well, I like to give MY elephants a bit more room to ramble.....L.B.