Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Stand Up And More

A couple of years ago, our daughter Lauren decided that she would like to try doing stand up comedy. Between then and now she has gone from working for free on open-mike nights in clubs to paid work. I put up this poster for an appearance she is making next month. This summer, she and three female comic friends are doing an all girls almost national comedy tour. Living in the Los Angeles area as she does is an advantage for her, but this is a difficult business to get into and we are proud of her.

We are also proud of our son Travis, who is also successful in a performing art. Also based in Southern California, he performs in two hard-core punk rock bands, Minus and Fell To Low. He has been at this since high school, much longer than his sister, and he usually does a national tour in the summer with one or another of the bands that includes a stop in Denver. Both of these bands have released several albums. I'll put some more stuff up about Travis and his work later.

Connie and I are both mystified as to why this "performance gene" has manifested itself in our children. Neither of us or anyone in our immediate families has ever seemed to have this urge to entertain people from a stage.

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