Friday, March 27, 2015

More Helen Rockstar

New York Review of Books Press is now using the H is for Hawk connection in ads for its edition of The Goshawk.

Helen sent us the schedule for her April American book tour. As she told us, it's rather coastal. If she's going to be near you, go see her.

4/7 Tuesday            Boston                          Harvard Bookstore
4/8 Wednesday    New York                      Greenlight Bookstore
4/10 Friday           Manchester Center, VT    Northshire Bookstore
4/11 Saturday       Saratoga Springs, NY     Northshire Bookstore
4/12 Sunday         Rhinebeck, NY               Oblong Bookstore
4/14 Tuesday       San Francisco                Rakestraw Books (lunch)
4/14 Tuesday       San Francisco                Green Apple (7 PM)
4/15 Wednesday  Point Reyes, CA            Point Reyes Books

4/16 Thursday       Seattle                          Third Place Books

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