Friday, April 17, 2015


Covers for four of my reprints, all good so far... the last, the new Eagle Dreams with Cat Urbigkit's cover of my late friend Aralbai, and intro, the observations of a Wyoming cowgirl and stockwoman (and writer) fifteen years or so after me, has been out only a couple of weeks.

Now if I could just get them to give me the images for my Amazon page.


Lucas Machias said...

Is the Querencia cover generic or near you?

Steve Bodio said...

I would not allow "Generic" (;-)).

It was taken up Anchor Canyon five miles east in the Magdalena Range, looking northeast over a cabin built by the Strozzis, a family of the local Italian- Swiss "cousins" early in the last century, then over Lee Henderson's ranch where we run the dogs and hawks and Vadim Gorbatov drew the quail. Strawberry Peak, where Charlie Galt found the northernmost specimen of Crotalus lepidus, stands at the edge of the Rio Grande Rift; the Big River flows north to south, left to right, behind it and 2500 feet below.

It IS Q Country, with our stories, our songlines so to speak...

I thought I took it but Libby says she did. As her memory is better, it is hers. But NEVER generic!

Peculiar said...

Steve, did you know there's a Strozzi Ranch on the east side of Death Valley, near Beatty? Again, Italian Swiss, they must be related. I believe there are still Strozzis living in the area.

Steve Bodio said...

Bobby Winston, as you may know, is a Strozzi and a Papa-- in fact is the living patriarch of both clans, I think. He tells me he has relatives in Cal-- these ones?

I will try to remember to ask.