Saturday, April 18, 2015


If you don't want your overseas package to look like this when you receive it...
You probably shouldn't order bootjacks that look like this all the way from France! Photos courtesy of Gil Stacy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

In present security situation , I am not surprised....What bootjacks?


Anonymous said...

Heck, you don't need to send a GUN in the mail to warrant suspicion--several BOOKS I've sent to folks, I have been informed, have ALSO been ripped apart and inspected--enough to make me wonder if I am on some sorta terrorist list or something. I DID wreak quite a bit of terror as a consciousless teenager many years ago, perpetrating Sasquatch sightings, but I woulda figured the Statute Of Limitations was long passed for those incidents? Then again, perhaps anyone who READS BOOKS warrants government suspicion these days......L.B.