Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Cutting Edge of Social Trends

An article in the New York Times tells us that coloring books for adults is now "a thing" as we say these days. One popular adult coloring book has sold 1.4 million copies since 2013. The article tells us that many of these crayon enthusiasts buy multiple copies of the same coloring book so they can try different color patterns on the same picture. Some people are turning this into a social activity as they meet in "coloring circles." That might be fun if they served beer.

My daughter always seems to have an instinct about these things. A couple of weeks ago, granddaughter Bella was laid up with a cold, and she and Lauren spent some quality convalescent time together coloring in one of Bella's coloring books.
Lauren proudly posted some of her work on social media. With an appropriate equestrian theme.


Anonymous said...

Once saw a program on a fella that did BEAUTIFUL artwork using crayons, but he couldn't get anyone to take his work seriously BECAUSE he was using crayons!....L.B.

Anonymous said...

.....and, well, don't mean to be dissenting here, but I think having Minnie Mouse in a coloring book for children is sending a bad message--since Minnie and Mickey ARE getting a divorce, you know. Yeah, Mickey went to his lawyer to discuss it--his lawyer tried to dissuade him, Mickey and Minnie being such public figures, and examples for children all over the world. "And" the lawyer replied "I think you are being a bit overreactive just because you think Minnie is a little crazy" "I DIDN'T SAY SHE WAS A LITTLE CRAZY!!!!" Mickey shouted "I SAID SHE WAS F...ING' GOOFY!!!!!".....L.B.

Anonymous said...

.....AND(can't let this go), this trend with adults desiring to color in coloring books is an OBVIOUS sign of neotony, which is often a result of overdomestication. What else(ahem!) can you call such childish behavior?(this coming from a middle-aged bachelor who decorates his house with toy plastic animals.....)...L.B.