Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Clark City

Russell Chatham is back in northern California, fishing, thinking, writing, getting back to his roots. I don't have any practical info,  yet, but he is reviving Clark City Press, one step at a time .

Back in the day, he was the one publisher willing to take Querencia- the- book. Without him, this blog would not exist. He also  introduced me to Libby. Without his benign conniving, I might not be around...

The first "new" CCP book is a history of the guy who brought simple impressionistic imitation into the popular fly fishing world. I repeat, simple. Art Flick's Streamside Guide was first published in 1947, and I don't know a single fly fisherman of my generation in the northeast who didn't have a battered, well- used copy.

Yes, it is a fly fishing geek's book. But the author, the late Roger Keckeissen,  is an original and eccentric himself, so if you have the slightest interest in the subject, you get a storyteller's perspective-- it is NOT a book of fly patterns, And finally, Russ puts it all into context with a day astream with Roger and Ernest Schweibert not long before their deaths.

I shouldn't need to say that being a Clark City book, its paper quality and cover stock are better than many limited ed art books.

No, I don't know how to get it or how much it costs, yet. Let me know if you find out. 
UPDATE:Lucas Machias just sent a link to Mountain Press, where you can buy it for $45.

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Anonymous said...

A terribly pedestrian suggestion - but AbeBooks.com lists three sellers of the book as of today - all in the $40-$45 range - it's an online purchase but at least with AbeBooks one is often purchasing from a real entity - all you have to do is google up the site and fill in the search request form - simple -anyway thanks for the post - the book looks very interesting.