Monday, August 03, 2015

Big Feet

The trail camera Guy Boyd bought me caught these rather alarming images in the Wilson's yard up Muleshoe south of town last week. Perhaps, if only for the peace of mind of their old Lab Aero, they had best not fill the Raven feeders for a while...


Anonymous said...

NOT fill the raven feeders? Then they'll just be a really hungry bear hanging around! Or is that a Sasquatch?--oh, wait a minute, the photo is not blurry enough to be an authentic Bigfoot photo....My, my, if ONLY they'd had these trail-cams around when I was a practicing teenage Sasquatch myself! What fun(and alarm!) I would have wrought!....L.B.

John Wilson said...

The camera is aimed down because I saw some really interesting scat that I couldn't identify. Diameter of a cheroot. Filled with beetle exoskeletons. A mystery.

The scat donor turned out to be a Woodhouse's Toad, big as a softball. First one recorded on the property and only the third species of amphibian in five and half years.

Turns out the bonus bear was scared out of its nigh-time peace by a camper I spoke to later. He reported a great crashing and breaking of juniper limbs when he left his camper twenty minutes earlier. Bears really are shy critters most of the time.

(I also checked the bear scat for bird seed. She is not a habitué of the feeders. The raven feeder was unmolested.)