Sunday, September 27, 2015

End of the Beginning

With thanks to Steve for posting some pictures of our season opener on rails, here are a few more shots from today's closing day of the early season in Louisiana.

To celebrate the "end of a great beginning" to the 2015-2016 hawking season, I Googled a recipe and found our friends Hank Shaw and Holly Heyser's roast snipe, which worked wonderfully on these two soras.

The kids, always skeptical at first, deemed it "just like steak" and asked how many we had left in the freezer.

Here's the recipe to try:


Keith Brady said...

I haven't seen snipe with yellow bills and legs. The bill isn't the right shape.
I think those birds are yellow legs

Steve Bodio said...


Matt's are Sora rails, and Hank's are ambiguous. Yellowlegs are one of the only shorebirds with yellow legs...?

Matthew Mullenix said...

The birds pictured here? Soras (Porzana carolina) our most abundant rail specie. I'm sure yellowlegs are delicious too but we may never rediscover that! :-)