Saturday, September 19, 2015

Matt's opening day

Matt Mullenix, our original co- blogger, is still around. Last week he sent me this fine photo set, and when I asked him to blog them he said he couldn't get in.

We must fix this; meanwhile, opening day:


Matthew MAKAREWICZ said...

It's been so long since Matt has posted his pup's muzzle has turned grey. No pictures of Matt. Has his muzzle turned grey also?

Matthew Mullenix said...

Steve thank you for posting! Yes, we need to get me hooked back up. I'm sure your readers have been struggling to puzzle out their lives without the critical insights I've been known to share at the Q blog! ;-)

Matthew Makarewicz, you guessed right. I'm more gray myself but keep my hair short (what's left of it) to minimize the effect.

These pics are from our season opener (Louisiana) on rails. My Harris's hawk loves them for their unfortunately common escape tactic, which is to flutter up like a moth right at our feet and race away at wiffle-ball speed if thrown by a precocious toddler.